Being selected as Brand Ambassador by some of the leading brands in the filmmaking industry is one accomplishment we are truly proud of. Each of them stand for the highest quality and dedication in the filmmaking industry. 

These collaborations enable us to have prime access to the latest technology and techniques, in certain situations even before they are publicly released. Our beta access to equipment allows us to be part of that small circle of filmmakers that can push one inch further the development of filmmaking-friendly gear worldwide. And last not but not least, as an ambassador for these brands, we also have the privilege to work together with extraordinarily creative people within the industry.

Below is a list of the brands that have included Gaffa Media on their Ambassador list. The page is updated regularly, so make sure to visit it again.


BlackMagic Design logo

Motion Picture cameras

Blackmagic Design is an Australian manufacturer of electronic equipment for broadcast and video production. Known for being the brand behind “the world’s highest quality video editing products, digital film cameras, color correctors, video converters, video monitoring,” and much more, they cover a large range of tools and equipment needed for video production in all stages.

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