In search of an easy-to-work-with, creative, video production company?
Let us show you, how easy your next video can be produced by us! 

To start, here are a few examples of projects we have done for clients. It is a good start to see if we are the right match to you. Maybe you already have an idea for the video to help promote your company, product or brand. If not, we are happy to help with concept and idea. The examples you see here are fully developed and produced by the team at Gaffa Media Denmark. 

Working with the team at Gaffa Media Denmark was a great experience. From concept to final video, Klaus and his team were extremely creative, knowledgeable and dedicated. They managed every detail from start to finish and delivered the project on time and on budget. The Spyder5 global launch video delivered against Datacolor’s project brief, providing the emotion and consumer connection for Spyder5 we were looking for.
— Gail Balderson, Datacolor Global Branding & Marketing Services Director

At Gaffa Media Denmark we are proud of not only creating original truly creative work, but also about the statements our customers give on how easy we are to work with, and how we set their needs above anything else. For us it is just natural, isn't that how it is supposed to be, when you hire a professional to help you? Maybe it is our scandinavian upbringing, love for simplicity and great service that shines through. One thing is for sure, when you hire us, you will be amazed by the results we create for you, and how it is to work with a production agency, who not only go to extreme lengths to create the best result for you, but who also strive upon creativity and service, with no egos.